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Saturday, October 20, 2018
EAGLE 2010 * DDD - Automatic Hot-Air Welder

Features a Direct Drive and Full Digital Temperature Controls


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  • Model: EAGLE 2010 DDD
  • Temperature: Ambient to 1300° F
  • Air Flow: 16 to 21 CFM
  • Drive Speed: 0 to 30 ft/min
  • Wattage: 4200 watts
  • Voltage: 220 volts
  • Weight w/o case: 45 pounds
  • Tool Box: Tool box with foam inserts
The eagle 2010 is an extremely “user friendly” automatic welder which enables a single operator to bond some materials up to 30 feet per minute. 

It features patented, independently variable temperature and speed controls, a digital temperature output control system, built-in over-temperature protection, and a variety of other features including a free-wheeling chain drive, swivel insertion of the nozzle, and convenient top mounted controls which make it the easiest to use automatic hot-air welder available.

  • Reverse Nozzle Arrangement allows welds to be made within ¼ inch of parapet wall.
  • Plug In Heating Element can be replaced right in the field….in just minutes.
  • Screened Air Inlet prevents dirt, dust, and debris from entering and damaging motor and heating element.
  • Gimble Mounted Heat Gun permits quick repositioning of gun when starting or ending a seam.
  • Brass Air Dam prevents hot air from blowing beyond overlap, helping to ensure a more uniform weld…particularly at low ambient temperatures.
  • Weight Kit allows you to place up to 20 pounds of additional weight directly over the pressure roller to ensure a tight seam. Additional are available.
  • Built In Safety is added by the “temperature control system” which protects the heating element and electronics from thermal runaway through a built in circuit breaker and unique electronic components, providing over-voltage protection.

#1   Durable chain drive **can be disengaged for free-wheeling the welder
  • Durable Chain Drive means no more slipping or torn belts.
  • Quick Disengage Gear Drive allows you to disengage the drive wheel to freely roll the unit into position, and then lock the wheels for positive engagement.

                                                                   #2   Shipped to you in a sturdy polymer case.

#3   Speed and digital temperature controls are top mounted for easy monitoring and adjustment.
  • Digital Temperature Control System maintains a consistent outlet temperature, up to 1300º F, regardless of fluctuations in ambient temperature or supply voltage.
  • Automatic Shutoff when element cools down to ambient.
  • Top Mounted Control Panel allows you to quickly adjust temperature and speed from a standing position.
  • Adjustable Air Flow Control permits continuous adjustment of air flow up to 23 CFM.
  • Heavy Duty Strain Relief protects power cord.