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Saturday, October 20, 2018
Safety Equipment

Two things are essential when working on a roof: tools and a complete fall protection system. Both of these are obtainable in one revolutionary product - the Raptor TriRex Mobile Fall Protection System. The TriRex is a mobile fall protection cart designed for use on flat roofs. No assembly is necessary. Simply hoist the Raptor to the roof, position it 15’ from the leading edge, hook your safety lines to the Roof Safety Engagement Device and you are ready to work.

The TriRex offers features and options unlike any other product in the industry. With an industry- leading Fall Arrest rating for 3 workers and fall restraint for 2, the TriRex stands out above the competition. With material rack now standard and the new double-door job box, you will see safe and productive increases for your leading edge work.


  1. Versatile and useful on every job site.
  2. No assembly required.  No bolts, pins, or counterweights.
  3. Compliant with OSHA Regulation; 1926.502d
  4. Allows three workers to be tied off while using the TriRex for fall arrest.
  5. Provides fall restraint tie-off rings for two additional workers.
  6. Provides employees with a required tie-off point.
  7. Distinctive color for tie-off points indicates the difference between worker tie-offs and designated hoisting points.
  8. Flat free tires standard.
  9. Engagement arm claw design accommodates most substrates.
  10. Optional dual front brake system.
  11. Allows optional generators, air compressors, and job boxes, making the TriRex the most useful tool on the job site.