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Saturday, October 20, 2018
Contractor Base One

The Contractor Base One is designed specifically for the safety needs of the General Construction Industry, internal warehouse and inside industrial fall protection.

This reusable system is designed for multi-level floor guard rail protection. The railing system increases productivity, offers greater visibility than cable systems, greater protection than wood rails, and makes you OSHA compliant.
  • Installs fast
  • Lowest cost of any rail system
  • Re-usable from job to job
  • Includes toe board flange
  • Stronger than wood guard rails
  • More visible than cable
  • Enables you to work right to the surface edge
  • OSHA compliant
  • The  simplest and most effective overhead storage fall protection
  • Flush mount version is used for loading docks
  • Quick attach and release rails allow for opening any rail space without affecting the rest of the system
Adjustable system is able to solve the most demanding situations:
  • Adjustable rail height
  • Adjustable corners
  • Adjustable rail length
  • Adjustable rail angles
  • Adjustable rail openings
  • Base #1
  • Post
  • Rails (10’, 8’, or adjustable)
  • Pin
  • Universal corner
A new kit is now available which includes a steel storage and transport box.
This system allows you to protect your investment from job to job.

Sizes available to ship:
  1. 110 foot complete system
  2. 210 foot complete system  
The Contractor Base Rail System offers fast and easy set up. Designed to be quick to install and adjust, the Contractor Guard Rail System is flexible and adaptable, at the same time giving you solid safe and compliant fall protection. This streamlined fall protection system includes adjustable length rails and corners as well as settings on each base to adjust the rail height.