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Friday, February 27, 2015
Residential Guardrail Starter System
Residential Guardrail Starter SystemEverything a Contractor Needs to Comply On A Pitched Roof

The Residential Guardrail Starter System is ideal for all of your steep slope safety needs. The Residential Guardrail Starter System has infinite adjustability allowing quick and easy and safe installation on any roof slope.

•   24 Eave Edge Brackets
•   16 Rake Edge Brackets
•   40 Interchangeable Posts
•   25 Roof Brackets

The Residential Guardrail Starter System is our starter package and is the MOST economical system available today.

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Gator Rail

The Gator Rail Guard Rail System is ideal for all of your steep slope safety needs. The Gator Rail has infinite adjustability allowing quick and easy and safe installation on any roof slope. Use the wide selection of Standard solid and adjustable rails to customize each installation and create continuous protection around the roof perimeter.

The Gator Rail complies with OSHA standards for guard rails and gives you a more friendly and sturdy option for meeting your safety requirements by eliminating the use of 2 x 4’s for your railings.

Painted safety yellow for greater visibility made to be easily transported and stored.  The Gator Rail will be the best solution for your next sloped roof repair project.

•   OSHA compliant
•   Adjust to any roof pitch
•   Compact and lightweight
•   Safety yellow
•   Useful on every sloped roof
•   Can be used as a single section
•   Will not damage existing roof
•   Use next to the ladder for safe roof access and loading

Standard fixed rails are 8 and 10 feet (sold in pairs)

Adjustable rails are: 
  • Small:  28” to 43”            
  • Medium:  47” to 84”
  • Large:  71” to 120”
Each Post has a base bracket and an adjustable angle deck plate.
Safety Gator

You have never seen anything like this before
The Safety Gator is our newest in a full line of Mobile Fall protection Safety Equipment and is designed to meet the roofer’s safety requirements where roof penetrations are not desired.
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Tie off 6 people
  • OSHA compliant
  • Easily fills with water for counter weight
  • No roof penetrations
  • Great for repair
  • Will not damage existing roof
  • Indispensable for slate and tile roof repair
  • No assembly required

  • Length - 64 inches
  • Width - 30 inches
  • Height - 39 inches
Operational Dimensions:  
  • Length - 68 inches (99” with handle)
  • Width - 50 inches
  • Weight - Dry Weight   410 lbs
  • Operational Weight   1490 lbs

Tires: Solid polyurethane 18x8.5x8, flat free tires with needle bearings

Tank Capacity; 145 Gallons

Brake System: Manual, Dual self locking pins

Lid Opening: 13.75 x 13.75 inches

Fall Protection: OSHA compliant

Tie offs: 6 Man fall arrest anchor

Warranty:  Manufacturer’s limited warranty covers any defect in workmanship or materials for one Year from date of purchase.